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Hyrule Castle Walkthrough and Help for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS


After you leave the Woods, Saria will give you an Ocarina. You must go to the Market at this time. The market is located in Hyrule Castle. You should be able to see it, far to the north.

Once you enter the Market, head north for the castle. When you are near the entrance gate to the castle, you will find Malon crying because her father fell asleep. Talk to her and get the egg from her.

After you talk to Malon, head up the vines to the right of her. When you get ontop of the Castle gate, jump down the hole into the room below.

Go through the door, and to the right. Walk until you reach the big boulder. If it has not turned morning yet, you may have to wait for the egg to hatch. Walk between the two groups of soldiers. There will be a dirt path that you can follow. Once you get to the ledge, climb up the stones on the side of the edge.

Now jump into the moat from the left side and swim until you get to the right side. Get out on the dirt mound in the moat that touches land. Go to Talon on the floor. Use the chicken on him. When he is done babbling, push the block into the river into the hole in the wood. Then push the other one ontop of that one.

Now comes the tricky part. You must go through the courtyard without being seen by the guards.

After you have snuck by the guards, go to the window where Zelda is waiting. Talk to her and watch the amazing cut-scenes. Get the letter that she gives to you. Then talk to Impa, Zelda's Nurse, and learn Zelda's Lullaby.

Now you must head to Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods.

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