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The Deku Tree, in the Kokiri Forest, has fallen under the evil influence of Ganondorf, Prince of Darkness. Link must go inside this huge tree and kill all of the monsters to rid it of the evil forces

Enter through the Great Deku Tree's mouth. Upon entering, find the treasure chest on the first floor that has the map in it. Kill all of the monsters on the first floor with your sword.

After killing all of those monsters, head up the ramp. Keep going up until you get to a door. Open it with the 'A' button. The monster in the middle of the floor is a Deku Scrub. It will hide in it's hole if you get too close. You cannot hurt it with your own weapons. Stand back and then wait until he fires a nut at you. Block it with your shield (press 'R' button). It will then fire back at the Deku Scrub. It will pop out of its hole, and run around for a short time. Before it goes back in it's hole, hit it with your sword.

After you talk to the Deku Scrub, go into the room that unlocks. Jump from the platform to the ground. Climb up the side of the wall on the vines to reach the slingshot in the treasure chest. If you need a heart, there is one to the left of the chest in the small cave. After you do this, look around for a ladder. This is your only way out of this room. It is right above the entrance. Shoot it with your slingshot once. It should fall, letting you escape this room.

After you leave the next room, go back to where the spiders (Skulltulas.) are blocking the vine path upwards. Shoot them with your newly found slingshot. Now climb upwards until you get to the next level.

On this floor, you must find a door. Walk inside and step on the switch near the edge. Jump across the islands until you get to the other side. Kill the plant thing and get the compass in the treasure chest. Now you must leave this room. Go near the exit. Get a Deku Stick out. Walk near the lit torch with it, until it catches on fire. Now take it to the unlit torch and light it. The bars should raise and you should be able to leave.

Do not leave this floor yet. Go up to one of the four spiders hanging from the ceiling and kill it with the slingshot. You must hit its back in order to kill it. Now, walk up to the edge of the platform and look down (c-up). See the spider web on the floor? You must land on it from that platform. It won't hurt you if you land on it. Once you jump, land on it and break through it. You should land in the center of it to break it.

You will be in a swampy area. Get a Deku Stick out, and step on the switch. Now light the Deku Stick with the torch. Then light the spider web on fire to enter the next room. This room should have a Deku Scrub in the middle of the room. After you kill this with the same technique as the other ones, get all the rupees from the bushes and stuff. To open the locked door, you must shoot the eye above the door with the slingshot.

You should now be in a room with a small pond and spikes rolling over it. You must get to the other side. To do this, go to the left side of the spike in the water. When you see a switch on the bottom, press and hold a to dive down and press the button. When the water lowers, go back onto the ledge and jump onto the moving platform. When you get to the other side, push the block to under the cave, then jump up to the cave.

After you enter this room, kill all the monsters and go to the room to the right. When you enter this room, kill the Skulltula and then kill all the other monsters that fall from the ceiling. After you kill all of the monsters, get out another Deku Stick. Light it and then catch the spider webs on fire.

Crawl into the cave and you will come into the room that you landed in the first time. You should see a big spider web right when you enter. You also should see a block. Push the block out into the river. After that, get another Deku Stick out. Light it on fire with the torch across the river. You must hurry to the spider web and strike it with the Deku Stick to catch it on fire.

You will land in a swamp with a bunch of hearts, get them. Then approach the 3 Deku Scrubs. Defeat them like you would defeat any other Deku Scrub, but in a special order. Defeat the Second one first, then the 3rd one, then the 1st one (left to right).

Once the door opens, walk inside. The Queen's weakness is when she is stunned. Hit her with some Deku Nuts then beat her with your sword. Keep doing this until she dies from it.
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