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To enter Dodongo's Cavern, you must destroy the rock that blocks the path. To do this, go to the ledge that overlooks the entrance. Then pick the bomb plant and throw it over the edge of the cliff so it lands on the boulder blocking the entrance.

Once inside, head for the second room, with the lava and islands. Now jump on the platform to the right and get on the right side of the room. Pick the bomb from the ground and blow up the wall to reveal a path. Go all the way until you get to where the big statues that you can push, and the switch that won't stay down are. Push one of the statues to the switch so it stays. Then go through the door.

Go past the room with the bats and get to the next room. You should now face 2 green dragons. After killing them, go to the unlocked door. This is the tough part (kind of). You can kill the crawling monster things if you want to, but you don't have to. You must light the three torches with a Deku Stick. Light the Deku Stick on fire with the torch that is lit. You must then go through the door that was unlocked.

You will arrive in the main room. Step on the switch, then cross the room and open the door. This is the cool part. Get the bomb from the bomb plant off to the side. Place it in the gap between both sides of bombs. Then the stairs should fall and you should go up.

Go up to the right or left (they both go to the same place). Enter the room at the top of the stairs. When you get in there, kill the bats. Do not touch the statues yet. There is only one that you can move. The statue on the opposite side of the door you came in can be moved. Move it and then climb the ladder. Step on the button on the top of the platform. This will open the door you came in, and also a new door.

Go through the new door. Cross the bridge (don't fall). When yo get to the other side, go to the next room. You will see big platforms that reach the ceiling. Go between the first and second one. When you get to the next path, turn left, then right. Don't get hit by the spikes.

You should now be in front of a big gray block. Move it so you can reach the platform to the right of it. Get the bomb from this one and throw it to the place the ladder leads to. It should destroy the wall. Go through the passageway and you should see some flames coming from a platform. Get out your trusty slingshot and shoot the eye above the flame. Then jump across. Go through the door. Get past all of the reptiles and go to the next room. Defeat the Dragons, then go through the newly opened door.

You need to shoot the eye above the flame again. Once you jumped to the platform, turn left and shoot that eye to extinguish the next flame. Then jump across past the platform to the next room.

Jump across to the ledge, then go to the next room. Activate the switch and read the enscription. Go to the left of the switch and you should find another bridge. By now, you should have bombs and a bomb bag. Throw bombs through the two holes to light up the big rock statue's eyes.
After his mouth opens, go through it and open the door. Jump up on the ledge to the right and walk through the passageway until you get to the blocks. Pull the block on the right until it is even with the block on the ledge. Then get ontop of the block and push the other block down to the ground (on the other side). Push it until you get to the block blocking the path. Put it under the one blocking the path. Now you can easily jump over the one blocking the path.

Go to the next room. Follow the path until you get to another block. Push it off the ledge and into the hole in the ground. This will open the door to the main boss of Dodongo's Cavern.

To defeat this huge Dodongo, throw bombs in his mouth when he opens it. Then, when he is stunned, hit him with your sword as much as possible. Then walk into the light after getting the heart.
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