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This page has all the item locations, like heart containers, golden skulltullas, and the bottle locations, including other secrets

This page has all the item locations, like heart containers, golden skulltullas, and the bottle locations, including other secrets

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Walk into Jabu Jabu after giving him a fish. Walk through him until you get to Ruto. Talk to her and follow her through the hole in the ground. Talk to her again until she lets you carry her. Carry her through the door behind you. Carry her through the passageway until you get to a room with a pond and a monster.

Wait until the elevator comes down, then jump onto it and ride up to the next level (with Ruto). Go past the room with the holes into a fork in the road (so to speak). Go to the right and step on the switch and the door should open. You must kill all the monsters on the floor. The Boomerang will appear in a treasure chest. Leave this room, and go back to the fork in the road.

Go to the left and step on the switch that doesn't stay down. Place Ruto on this switch. Then walk through the door that unlocks. Lock on to the tentacle's weak spot and fire your boomerang at it. Keep doing this until it is dead. Get the map from the chest that appears. Go on to the room that you can now go into because the blue thing blocking the way is gone.

Kill the tentacle in this room. Leave this room and go back to the fork. Leave the fork now and jump in the hole that you couldn't jump in before. Go through the cave and through the door. Throw Ruto on the platform.

When Big Octo appears, throw your boomerang at him many times to stun him. Then hit him with your sword. You may have to do this many times. This is not the end, though.

Jump on the lowered platform and ride it to the top. Now walk to the end of the hallway, go to the next room, where you find the huge moving wobbling things. Hit them with the boomerang to stun them. Now you can jump on them, so jump over to the other hallway and open the door. Now jump over to the other platform, which will move downwards.

Now you can access another switch. This one won't stay down, either, so find one of the small crates nearby. Now place it on the switch, and walk through the door. Climb up the platform to the right. When you get to the top, go to the ledge with the glass. Lock on to the switch that you should see, and move close to the left edge of the platform. Fire your boomerang. It should move to the side of the glass and hit the switch. Now the door opens, so go through it.

This is the tough part. Aim for the tenacles and keep going around in circles. Hit the center each time you stun it, because that is what counts.

After you complete your third and final task as a kid, you must go to Princess Zelda and talk to her.
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