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Kakariko Village Walkthrough for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS


There are not many things to do in Kakariko Village. You start out in an entry place. Go past the gate and find the woman with no chickens. Go find all of her chickens for her and put them in the fenced off area, there are 7 total. You will get a bottle.

After that, head for the graveyard. Go to the graveyard at night. Now get the Hylian Shield by pulling the 2nd tombstone from the left on the second row of tombstones. Pull it from the back.

Then you must read the tombstones next to the huge statue. Read them both and kill the ghosts that come out of them. Then play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the huge statue. After it opens, go inside and find the Sun's Song.

Head for Goron City now, and give Zelda's letter to the guard on the way there.
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