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Kokiri Forest Walkthrough and Help for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS


The start of Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is in Kokiri Forest, Link's home. You are about to embark on an incredible adventure, I hope you're prepared!

First, you must talk to Saria, Link's best friend. After that, you must find the shield and sword. You should talk to everyone everywhere, because they might have some valuable information for your quest.

To find the Kokiri Sword :

  1. Go to the training center ontop of the hill which is located near Link's home.
  2. Go past all of the fences until you get to the mountainside.
  3. Talk to everyone you see, and look at all of the signs.
  4. Go into the small cave.
  5. Go to the left, then right. Be careful to not get hit by rocks.
  6. Go straight until you come upon the Kokiri Sword.
  7. Back track until you are back at the training area.

To find the Deku Shield :

  1. Go to the house with the red roof (across the stream).
  2. Go inside and talk to the guy at the counter.
  3. Look around at items and find the Deku Shield.
    • If you have enough money, then buy it.
    • If not, go out and search for rupees. There are rupees in bushes and other places.

Remember, after you get the sword and shield, start talking to people and going inside houses. Once you have done all of this, head for the Great Deku Tree. The entrance is blocked by a selfish little elf who will not let you pass unless you have a sword and a shield.

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