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Lake Hylia Walkthrough and Help for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS


After visiting Zora's Domain and earning the Silver Scale, you must go to Lake Hylia. Link does this by diving through the underwater tunnel to Lake Hylia. After you get to the surface on the other side, there is a bottle with a note in it under water. Dive for it and get it. The Note says:

"Help me. I'm waiting for you inside Lord Jabu Jabu's belly."
-Princess Ruto.
P.S. Don't tell my father!

Now head back to Zora's Domain the same way you got here. Once you have shown the note to King Zora, use the empty bottle to catch some fish. Go to the shallow water, and assign the empty bottle to a 'C' button. Then go next to a fish and press the c button. You should now have a fish in a bottle.

Now go back to the place that King Zora is. Go through the path behind him, and get to Lord Jabu Jabu. Use the fish in a bottle right in front of Lord Jabu Jabu. He should inhale the fish, and you too.

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