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Bottom of the Well Walkthrough for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS


Note: This walkthrough is for the Master Quest of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS. If you want to see the normal dungeon, go to Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Bottom of the Well Walkthrough.

You must now go to the well to find the Eye of Truth.

How to get to the bottom of the well:

After defeating the Fire Temple, Water Temple, Ice Cavern, and Forest Temple, head to Kakariko Village. You will talk to Shiek and then Shiek will teach you the Nocturne of the Shadow. Now go to the windmill and talk to the guy in there. When he is done, take out your ocarina. He will teach you the Song of the Storms.

Now you must go back in time. Go to the Temple of Time and put your Master Sword back in it's holder. This will take you back in time.

Now head to the castle. Climb the vines, and go over the catle gate. Now go over to the boulder and blow up the rock. This will make an entrance to the Great Fairie Fountain #2. Now stand on the Triforce and play Zelda's Lullaby to get Din's Fire.

Now go to Kakariko Village as young Link. Go to the Windmill and play the Song of the Storms. This will drain all of the water out of the well. Now go into the well.

How to beat the bottom of the well :

In this annoying mini-dungeon, crawl through the nearby hole, into the next area. In this area, drop down to the area below, or climb the ladder to the area below. In the below area, you'll see a Redead, so play the Sun's Song to freeze it. Once the Redead is frozen, strike it with your sword until it dies. Once the Redead is out of the way, head north to the next room.

In this room, take the left path and follow it until you see an alcove on the east side of the wall. When you do, enter that alcove and use a Bombchu or a Bomb on the boulder there to blow it up. A golden eye switch is revealed, so shoot it with the Fairy Slingshot. Doing this will open a gate into the next area. To get to it, keep following the path until you come across a Triforce symbol. When you do, play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol. Then, shoot the crystal switch beside the weird statue spewing out water. Once you shoot the crystal switch, the water will drain, so head into the area behind you that just opened up. Once there, open the nearby chest for the Dungeon Map!

When you get the Dungeon Map from the chest, exit this room and head back to the entrance of the previous room (After you beat the Redead in the beginning of the well, you came to a room with water. In that room, I told you to follow the left path and eventually, you came to the room with the Dungeon Map.). Once there, drop down into the pit that was once the pool of water.

Once there, crawl through the hole, into the next area. Here, climb the vines, then enter the door, into the next area. In this area, you'll have to fight the mini-boss of the mini-dungeon, the Dead Hand. To get the Dead Hand to appear, approach one of the hands and let it grab you. When one grabs you, repeatedly tap A to get out of the grasp of the hand. When you are released from the hand, the actual monster will appear. When it goes to bite you, strike it with your sword several times. Repeat this process and eventually, you will win this rather easy battle.

After the battle, a chest will spawn, which contains the Compass of the dungeon! Once you have the Compass, bomb the brown piece of dirt in the northwest corner of the room, and a Small Key is revealed. Grab it. Now, exit the room. Back in the previous room, head to the northeast part of the area (It's northeast on your Dungeon Map.).

Once there, crawl through the hole, into the next area. In this next room, shoot the crystal switch on the right eye of the weird face symbol on the wall above you (It's barely visible, but you'll see the crystal switch, trust me.). When you shoot the crystal switch, head through the now unlocked door, into the next room. In this room, kill the two Skullwalltula enemies.

Then, bomb the dirt pile to reveal a switch. Step on it. Now, head back to the room where you got the Dungeon Map. Once there, drop down the hole behind the chest that contained the Dungeon Map, and you'll be in B3. In B3, step on the nearby switch to reveal a big chest. Head over to the area where the big chest is, and you'll four Redeads guarding it. Play the Sun's Song to freeze the Redeads, then open the chest for the Lens of Truth! When you have the Lens of Truth, warp back to the Temple of Time, using the Prelude of Light.
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