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After you defeat the Forest Temple, you can travel back in time. If you haven't already learned Epona's Song, go to the Temple of Time and talk to Shiek. Shiek will teach you another song and tell you how to go back in time. Put your Master Sword in its holder.

When you are young, go to Lon Lon Ranch in the daytime. Go to the center of the fenced off area and talk to Malon. Get out the Ocarina of Time and learn Epona's Song. Now you can go back to being an Adult.

Now go back to the Temple of Time. Go to the room with the Master Sword and pull it. You will now turn into an adult. Go to Lon Lon ranch in the daytime. Pay the ten rupees to ride the horse. While you are in there, play Epona's Song. Epona should come close to you. Get on her, and go next to Mr. Ingo. He will challenge you to a race. Bet the rupees.

To beat him, when he is on the outside edge of the track, cut him off. Try to block his path. He will challenge you again, beat him again. After he gives Epona to you, he won't let you leave the ranch. Just jump over the fence around Lon Lon Ranch to get free.

Now you must head to the Ice Cavern.
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