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Fire Temple Walkthrough with Keys for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

To get to the Fire Temple:

Ride Epona until you get to Kakariko Village. Go in the village, and head north up Death Mountain. Follow the path until you get to the entrance of Goron City. Now go to the second floor, where the rolling guy is at. Throw a bomb in front of his path to make him stop. Then talk to him again to get the red tunic and he will open the doors. Go through the door that gets to the throne room. Pull the throne as far as it will go to reveal the entrance to the Death Mountain Crater.

Now walk until you get to a broken bridge, and use your longshot to get to the log above it. Keep walking until you get to Shiek, who will teach you another song. No keep walking until you get to the Triforce platform on the ground, then take a left and go across to the doorway. Now jump into the hole in the ground and walk forward. You are now in the Fire Temple.

To beat the Fire Temple:

Go into the first room and kill the bats. Then go up the stairs and turn left and go through the door. Talk to Daurina, then jump across the platforms to the left and step on the switch. This will open a Goron's cell and allow you to get a key.

Now go back to the main room and go through the door with a lock on it (the door on the opposite side of the door you already went through). Go halfway across the bridge, then jump over all the platforms to the right and get to the wall that looks strange. Bomb it. This will reveal a door. Go through the door, step on the switch, and get the key.

Now go to the room with the bridge, and go all the way across to the other side. Go through the door and let the Goron out to get another key.

Now go back to the other room and go to the opposite side of the bridge that you entered from. No you will be in a room with a big fire column going on and off. Now look above and to the right. There should be a big block just waiting to be pushed off the side. Use your longshot to get up there and then push it off the side. Jump onto it before the fire starts to get to the next room.
Now go through the door to a room with a Goron right in front of you. Go to the left and up the ledges, then jump to the diamond switch. Push the block off the ledge then jump down and pull it as far as it will go. Jump from the top of the block to on top of where the Goron is trapped. Climb up the fence and look over the ledge next to the switch. Drop a bomb down there, next to the switch. Now wait until the bomb explodes, then run towards the climbable fence that the fire was at. Climb up it.

Now you are in a room with boulders rolling everywhere. Walk to the right until you come to a cage, then let the Goron out and take the key. Now walk left until you get to a door (without a key) and open the door. Walk down the cave to get another key from a Goron. Now go back to the boulder room and look for a locked door. Open it to get to a room with a narrow walkway. Look above it to see an eye, and shoot it with an arrow.

This will unlock the door and allow you to get the map. Get the map and come back to this room. Go through the locked door to be in a lava room. Go to the right with the flame following you until you get to the unlocked door on the other side. Go through the door to be at the top level of the room with boulders. Now jump across the platform and bomb the crack in the ground.

Now jump down the hole to rescue the Goron in the cage you saw earlier. Get his key and climb back up the fence. Now look around for a switch, then jump platform to platform until you get to it. Step on it to open a cage to a Goron on the opposite side of the room. Now jump across the platforms until you reach him. Now free him and get his key.

Now go back in the door you came in. This is the door that is across from the hole you bombed. Now you will be back in the room with lava and fire following you. Go to the locked door, which is about halfway between the place you just entered and the other side. Enter the door, and go through the hallway to the giant fire room. You will have to watch out for many fire traps in this room.

Jump down to the right and find the compass through the nearest door. Now go to the other side of the room and find another door, go through it. You should see another Goron to your right. Keep walking and go through the door. You will be on the other side of the room. Now find a yellow switch, then step on it. Run to the platform where the fire used to be.

Put a bomb next to the fake door to kill it. Then go through the real door. You will now fight the mini-boss fire guy. You must grab the small thing with the hookshot and hit it with a sword. He will then run the other way. Stand still and charge up your sword. Hit him again when he comes back. Keep doing this until you kill him. Now climb up on top of where the fire was. It will now raised you to the next floor.

Now go through the door and find the fence, and climb to the top. Now look over the ledge and drop a bomb over the ledge. This will activate the switch and let you climb up the fence. Climb to the door and enter a huge round room. Step on the switch and quickly run up the path to the chest. When you get there, get the hammer out of the chest. Now walk back to where the switch was, and hit the clock close to it with the hammer. This will cause it to fall to the floor below.

Now you will be near a statue. Hit it from the side to remove it from your path. Now goto the next room and kill the bats, then hit the face tile with the hammer. This will cause the stairway to appear. Grab the small crate and carry it downstairs to the switch. Place it on the switch and got through the door.

Now hit the face tile with the hammer, and drop down. Now you must hit the rusted switch with your hammer. Go into the door. Play the song of time to make the blue block move, which will allow you to get to the switch on the other side. Step on the switch to free the Goron. Now jump up to the door you came in and go through it. Jump across the platform to a circular block, and hit it with your hammer. This should make the huge cylinder fall to the room with the boss door.

Now go back to the entrance room and to the right of the stairway. You should see a statue. Hit it from the side with your hammer. Now go through the door behind it. Kill all of the enemies in this room, then go to the next room. The floor tiles will try to hit you, so avoid them. You should encounter a big blob, that eats your shield and clothes. Kill it with bombs or arrows.

Now go to the next room to encounter another fire guy. Kill it the same way you killed the previous one. Go through the door after you killed him, and hit the rusted switch with your hammer. Now get the Big Key and head to the main room. Go to the left of the stairs to the boss door.
Now you will fight Volvagia, the huge (long) dragon.

To hurt it, you must hit its head with a hammer when it comes above the ground, then hit it with your sword. Try not to get hit by his fire hair. When it comes above and makes rocks fall, stay back. The rocks generally only go in one spot, so watch out. Use your Hylian Shield and aim it upwards to help block the rocks. Keep hitting his head with the hammer, and hitting him with the sword until he dies.

Now you must go to the Kakariko Village, to talk to Shiek.
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