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Gerudo Fortress Walkthrough for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS


After you beat the Forest Temple, Ice Cavern, Water Temple, Fire Temple, and Shadow Temple, you must head to the west - to Gerudo Valley.

To get to Gerudo Fortress:

Call Epona. Go all the way to the west, to Gerudo Valley. When you get to a bridge, if you speed up Epona enough, you can cross it. Go past the guys in a tent, and then go until you get to Gerudo Fortress.

To beat Gerudo Fortress:

Get off Epona and go up the stairs. They will throw you in a prison cell. Look up to see a wood thing, and use your hookshot on it. Go to the left and through the door. Now go to the left, then the left again (don't be seen by the guards). Now walk up the path, and use the wood on the ceiling to your advantage. Use the hookshot on it. When you land on the ground level, go through the door to thr left.

Follow the path to come to a cell. Talk to the prisonor and then you will be attacked by a guard. Use Z-locking and hit her when she is not blocking. After you kill her, get the key and let the guy out. Talk to him so he leaves.

Continue walking past the cell to the outside. Turn to the left and walk in that door. Turn left and wait for a guards head to appear, then shoot it with an arrow. Walk to her then turn left and shoot the other two guards. Now go to that room and up the ramp on the other side of the room. Go out the door. Now turn right and drop down to go in the next door. Wait there with your arrow pointed straight ahead. Shoot the guard that appears. Now go through the hallways in this order : Right, left, right, and you will be in another carpenter's cell room. Talk to him then kill the guard to get the key. Now let him out and go back where you came in to drop down a level.

Turn left to climb up the vines. Go through the door straight ahead. Talk to the carpenter, and kill the guard, and let him out. Now go out the door you came in. With the arrows, kill the three guards walking at ground level. Then jump down and head left and go thorugh the door. Do not get to close to the white guard. Now follow the corridor until you get to the fourth carpenter.

Now talk to the carpenter and kill the guard. Now free the final carpenter. Talk to the Gerudo Guard, and get the membership card. This will allow you to walk around with out being stopped by a guard.

Now head to the desert gate to fight in the final Temple, The Spirit Temple....

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