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Ganon's Castle Walkthrough for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

After all you have been through.... After a dying tree, a fire cavern, a huge fish, 6 temples, and much more.... You must now defeat the main boss of the game.... Ganon.

To get to Ganon's Castle :

This is probably the easiest level to get to. Play the Prelude of Light to get to the Temple of Time. Shiek will talk to you. When you find out Sheik's true identity, he/she will tell you a bunch of stuff. After all of it, head to Ganon's Castle. It is where the Hyrule Castle used to be.

Now walk near the cliff right in front of the castle. The six sages will appear, then make a bridge. Cross it and open the door.

To get to Ganon :

Walk down the hallway and into the next room. You will see a huge barrier protecting a door. This door leads to Ganon's lair. To get through the door, you must defeat the 6 barriers that block it. Go to the wall on the right and keep walking until you get to a door with a purple emblem above it. Go through the door.

Hookshot over to the chest on the left platform. Put the hover boots on, and fire a fire arrow at the torch across the way. Run across the blocks that appear past the big blob and onto the next platform. Use the lens of truth to see invisible walkways. Go to the one on the left, and jump on the switch. Use the hookshot to get to the chest that appears.

Get the Gold Gauntlets out of the chest. Use the lens of truth to see a path to the left, and hit the switch with the hammer. Now walk back to the platform and go to the straight path, and through the door. Hit the floating ball with a light arrow. You will be transported back to the main room.

Find the door with a green emblem above it. Go through it and kill the wolf. Use Din's Fire to light the torches. Light the last one above the door with a fire arrow. Go through the door and put your hover boots on. Go to the left when the fan stops to get that diamond. Now go to the right to be blown to the next platform. Step on the switch and look above the middle platform and use your hookshot. Kill the laser thing and float over there.

Get the diamond and float under the door to get another diamond. Now hover to the right and get the last diamond. Go through the door and shoot the floating ball with a light arrow. You will be transported back to the main room.

Go to the right until you get to a door with a blue emblem. Empty a bottle and get a blue flame. Kill the 2 ice statues to unblock the door. Melt the ice with the blue fire and go through the door. In this room, push the far block to the right, then backwards. Now push the other one right, forward, then towards the nook in the wall.

Climb up the platform and use the blue fire to melt the ice. Now get out your hammer and hit the switch to unlock the next door. Go through the next door and hit the floating ball with a light arrow. You will be transported back to the main room.

   Now find a door with a fire emblem above it. Put the hover boots on and the Goron's Tunic. You must collect all the diamonds in the room. Get the one to the right, then go left and jump on the spinning thing to get the next one. Jump back off and go to the huge gray pillar. With the gold gauntlets, you can lift it. Get the diamond under it.

Now go across the room to the platform with the slug on it. Kill it and get that diamond. Now jump onto the block and get the next one. This will open the door, so jump back to the block in the lava, and use the hookshot to get across to the door. Now shoot the floating ball with a light arrow.

Now keep walking until you get to a huge pillar. Lift it to reveal the Light Barrier. Use the lens of truth to kill the 4 bats and Skulltula. Get the key out of the chest and go through the locked door. Play Zelda's Lullaby to get another key. Go through the locked door to be in a room with more diamonds.

There are 2 in the wall, two in the center, and one above that you can get to with a hookshot. Collect them all to open the door. Now go through the door to discover the floating ball is missing. After desperately looking for it, walk through the wall to get to it. Shoot it with a light arrow. You will be warped back into the main room.

Now go to the only door without energy flowing from it, the spirit barrier. Blow up the laser. Get all of the diamonds and go through the door. Hit the switch with a spin slash to get bombchus. Aim one over the fence to hit the next switch. Go through the door and to the left.

Shoot a hole in the ceiling with a fire arrow to get sunlight into the room. Reflect it to the right of the entryway to open the door. Now hit the final floating ball with a light arrow. You will be warped to the main room.

Now go through the now unblocked door. Go up the stairs and through the door. Keep going and killing all of the enemies to open the next door. Get the Boss key about halfway up. Once you get far enough, you will get to the room with a big pillar in it.

Do not break any pots, and go through the door to the right. Run up the huge flight of stairs, and go through the door. Now watch the short story sequence and begin fighting the Evil King himself.

To kill Ganon :

This may be one of the toughest bosses in the game. You need to equip the Master Sword. Climb up the pillar and onto one of the side platforms. Look directly at Ganon and wait until he shoots energy at you. Deflect his energy with your sword. He will keep hitting it back. After you hit him, shoot him with a Light Arrow, run over to him and hit him with your sword. Keep repeating the process until he dies.

He will make the castle fall with his last remaining energy. Follow Zelda until you get to the bottom. She will talk to you.

Congratulations, you have beaten a very difficult game.......

Now to fight Ganon for the last time (we promise). The objective is to hit his face with light arrows, then hit his tail with something when he is stunned. Keep doing this until the fire lowers, then get the Master Sword. If you ever run out of something, lure him to a block and he will destroy it, sometimes leaving many items.

Now keep doing the same thing until he is stunned. Zelda will shoot energy at him. She will tell you to deliver the final blow to Ganon. Hit him with your sword. This is the end of the game.

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