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Ice Cavern Walkthrough for Zelda: Ocarina 3D (Master Quest)


Note: This walkthrough is for the Master Quest of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS. If you want to see the normal dungeon, go to Zelda 3DS Ice Cavern Walkthrough.

Go north and behind the two icicles while avoiding the rolling boulders. When you are behind the two icicles, wait until the rolling boulder moves away from you, and then when it does so, break the icicles. Then, head north and out of the tunnel, avoiding any more boulders that come your way. In the next room, kill the two Blue Tektite enemies, then kill the Freezzerd enemy. When the enemies are defeated, shoot the crystal switch with your Fairy Bow directly to the right of the huge ice block blocking your path to another area.

When you shoot the crystal switch, the ice block will melt, so go into that new area and head north through the tunnel, into the next area. In this area, defeat all of the enemies in the room. When they are defeated, the door to the next room will open, so go into that new area. In this area, defeat the two Wolfos enemies. When they are defeated, take out an Empty Bottle and then approach the blue fire and put some in the bottle. When you have Blue Fire, stand on top of the piece of red ice to the east of the blue fire and use Blue Fire on it. This will melt the ice, and the chest that was frozen in the ice will be accessible, so open it for the Dungeon Map. When you have acquired the Dungeon Map from the chest, head to the left and then break the icicles. Behind the icicles you will see a Skullwalltula, as well a crystal switch; ignore the Skullwalltula, and hit the crystal switch.

When you hit the crystal switch, go back and fill up on some more Blue Fire, if you haven't done so already. Then, exit this room, and we're back in the previous room. Back in the previous room of the cavern, jump onto the platforms where the red ice is, then when you reach the red ice, use Blue Fire to melt it. Once the red ice blocks are melted, head north through the tunnel and defeat the two Freezzerd enemies you come across. Once they are defeated, continue heading north, and drop out of the tunnel, into the next area. In this room, take out the Freezzerd enemies. When they are defeated, open the big chest in the northwestern part of the room for the Compass.

Now, to get the Gold Skulltula and the Piece of Heart in this area, read the Gold Skulltulas (MQ), and Heart Pieces sections of the FAQ for information. Anyway, whether or not you get these two things in this room, after obtaining the Compass from the chest, get more Blue Fire if you need some. Now, head back into the previous room. In that room, melt the red ice with Blue Fire and then go through the tunnel while avoiding the rolling boulder, until you reach the next room. In this room, kill the White Wolfos and Ice Keese enemies. When all the enemies in the room are defeated, play the Song of Time when Navi turns green below the platform that has the Blue Fire on it.

A Time Block will appear, so climb it and then jump to the platform with the Blue Fire and fill up on it. When you are full on Blue Fire, drop down from the platform and jump onto the ice block in the room. Then, use Blue Fire on the three red ice blocks to melt them. When they melt, go through the hallway while avoiding the enemies. When you reach the door, enter it, into the next room.

In here, you will fight a Stalfos enemy. This is the mini-boss of the dungeon. Kill it and a chest will spawn, which contains the Iron Boots! Once you have the Iron Boots, Sheik will come and teach you the Serenade of Water. Now, equip the Iron Boots and drop into the pool of water behind the chest. You will sink down into an area below, so walk out of the pool of water, then when you reach the previously visited area, go into it. Now, exit the Ice Cavern completely. Before you leave, though, stock up on at least one bottle of Blue Fire.
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