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Spirit Temple Walkthrough for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

After visiting the Desert Colossus, you must go to the Spirit Temple as young Link.

To get to the Spirit Temple:

You should have already learned the Requim of the Spirit. Use that as Young Link to warp to the entrance of the Spirit Temple. Walk inside the temple.
Part 1 : Young Link

Walk up the stairs and to the left, then talk to the woman. Say you want nothing, really. When she asks about Ganon, say no. She will tell you to go get the treasure for her, so say yes. Now crawl through the hole. Now kill the statue in the middle of the room, along with all of the bats. Light a Deku Stick with the torch, and go through the right room. Now light the torches in here. Go back, and through the other door. Kill the stalfos, then the green skull.

Throw the boomerang at the switch across the gap. Then the bridge will form, so walk across it. Now go through the door. Now walk up to the spike and use Din's fire to kill the guy. Now walk through the door and get all the diamonds to make a bridge. Go back to the main room and crawl through the hole in the center of the room. Go through the locked door and kill the skulltulas and climb up the wall. Kill the lizard guys, and hit the switch on the platform.

Open the chest to get bombchus. Aim for the boulder on the wall and hit it with a bombchu. This will shine light on the sun, and open the doorway. Go through the door. Push the statue to the left off the ledge. Now climb up the steps to get to a door. Go through it.  Now you must collect the diamonds. Collect them all to light a torch.

Use the lit torch to light Deku Sticks and set all the torches on fire to get a chest with a key in it. Now goto the blocks and pull the block with the sun on it into the light. This will open a door. Now go through it and hit the metal thing with your sword. Now fight Iron Knuckles. If you hit him off guard enough, he will die and the door will open. Now go through the door to be outside.

Now get the Silver Guantlets out of the chest and watch the cut scene. Now play the Prelude of Light to get to the Temple of Time. Get the master sword to become old Link. Now play the Requim of the Spirit to warp to the Spirit Temple.

Part 2 : Adult Link

At the temple, go up the stairs to the right and push the block all the way. Go into the next room and hit the switch on the cieling with an arrow. Now go through the right door and get all of the diamonds. Go through the opened door. Get the key from the chest. Now go back to the room with a locked door and open it.

Climb the wall and kill the invisible hand. Push the statue around until it is pointing to the 3rd sun from the left. Go through the opened doorway. Climb up the stairs and then jump onto the huge statue's hand. Play Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest appear in the other hand. Get to it with the hookshot and open it to get a key.

Now go back to the door you entered from and walk up the stairs. Open the locked door. Kill the laser and walk to the next room. Kill that laser, and the floating guy tp open the next door. Go through it and stand next to the closed door on your right. Fire arrows at the statues to make them step on the switch. Go through the opened door.

Go up the stairs, and through the door. Hit Iron Knuckles, then fight him and kill him. Now walk through the door and get the mirror shield out of the chest.

Go back to the room with four statues. Use the mirror shield to reflect the sun's light onto the sun. Now go through the door and get a key from the chest. Go back to the room with the locked door and open it.

Kill the two lasers, and stand on one of their platforms. Use the hookshot and fire it to the top of the climbable part, instead of climbing up the whole thing. Kill the lasers, then go through the door. All the doors in this room are fake doors. There is a yellow eye behind the one to the left of the chest, do blow it up with a bomb. Shoot the yellow eye. Now use your hookshot on the target on the top of the ice. Now step on the switch. Drop down to get the Boss Key. Now exit the room.

Go to the right and through the door. Hit the switch behind the fence with a spin attack. Go through the door and kill all the enemies. Turn left and go to the statue. Blow up the wall on the left. Push the statue so it shines into the opened passage. Now aim it so it shines to the room with the grating. Go back into that room, and drop into the sunlight. Reflect the light onto the sun to make the platform lower. Now shine the light onto the statue's face with the mirror shield. This will make it crumble.

Use the hookshot to get across to there, and go through the boss door. Fight the huge Iron Knuckle. After you beat it, go through the door behind where it was. Go down the hall and through the door.
Now you must fight Twinrova, two witches that are buds with Ganon. Jump on one of the four side platforms and face the witches. The idea is to reflect one witches power onto another witch using your mirror shield. After you do that many times. they will combine forces.

This is the kind of tricky part. You must absorb the powers with your shield 3 times, and shoot it back at them. It must be 3 of the same kind, example : ice, ice, ice - not ice, fire, ice. After you knock her down, jump over to the plaform and hit her with the sword. Repeat that until she dies. Get the heart container, and step into the light.

Now, after defeating six temples, and many other places, you must head to Ganon's Castle to complete your task of saving Hyrule.

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