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FAQ for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

Question: I have the Iron Boots. I floated down to the gates of the Water Temple. How do I enter the water temple through the huge gate?
Answer: Hit the eye above the door with a hookshot.

Question: How do you get Epona's song, i talk to her at Lon Lon Ranch as a child, but can't get the song, all she says is "My mom wrote this song" or something like that.
Answer: Get out the Ocarina when you are near her.

Question: I'm stuck at a block to a passage way that says 'only the person with silver hands can open this doorway'?
Answer: Get the Silver Gauntlets in the Spirit Temple. Read the Walk-through.

Question: how do i get the gold scale?
Answer: Catch a huge fish at the pond.

Question: I can't seem to find the right tombstone to move? (I'm playing the Japanese version - sorry!!)
Answer: You can always tell, because there are small green plants in front of the right ones.

Question: How do I get the scarecrow's song?
Answer: Talk to the scarecrow near the lake as a kid.

Question: My option screen indicates that I missed a melody, the one right before 'the song of time.' Where the hell can I find that tune?
Answer: Its the Song of Storms. Goto the Info Section.

Question: When i try to put on the bunny hood it wont let me, why?
Answer: You can only use masks as a kid.

Question: Where is favore's wind? i have looked everywhere! Please answer!
Answer: At Zora's Fountain on an island as an adult.

Question: In the graveyard as adult link, you bring the two brothers from their graves and kill them. I did this and did as they said. Now im in the dungeon area and don't have the slightest how to open the barred gate.
Answer: Kill all of the bats in the room.

Question: Where do you find the ice and light arrows?
Answer: Find the ice arrows in Gerudo Training valley, you get the light arrows from Zelda right before you fight Ganon.

Question: Where is the Mirror Sheild?
Answer: The Spirit Temple. Read the walkthrough.

Question: how do I get milk from cows?
Answer: Play Epona's Song right next to them.

Question: Where do you find Nayru's Love?
Answer: Near the Spirit Temple, there is a crack in the wall.

Question: How do you get the longshot in the water Temple
Answer: Defeat Dark Link. Read the walk-through.

Question: How can I bottle a fish?
Answer: Go up to it and use a bottle.


Question: Is there really a monster that eat's Hylian shields and if so where is it located and what does it look like?
Answer: You can find it in the Fire Temple and the Water Temple. It looks like a big blob with a hole on the top.

Question: How do I use the "unnatural fire" in the Ice Cavern near Zora's Fountain? 
Answer: Use a bottle on it. Then use it on red ice.

Question: What does the Blue Flame do that you can buy in the stores for 300?
Answer: You can melt red ice.

Question: Where do I get tho gold gauntlets I have traveled all over and found nothing!!
Answer: Obviously, you haven't been to Ganon's Castle yet.

Question: how do I double my magic?
Answer: In the Death mountain crater, you will find boulders that you can bomb. Bomb them.

Question: Looking the the H.Field for the Marathon Jogger. Do you know of any tricks in locating this buyer of bunny masks?
Answer: Right when you exit the Market, go to the right of the Lon Lon ranch. You should see him in the distance. You can only give it to him when he is sitting.

Question: Who do I give the poacher's saw to?
Answer: The carpenter in Gerudo Valley.

Question: How do I get the Big Sword from the Boss Carpenter.
Answer: Well, you don't get it from the boss carpenter. Take it to the big goron on the mountains summit. He will give you a prescription. Go give it to King Zora. You will figure out the rest from there.

Question: I got the broken Goron Sword from the carpenter boss in Gerudo Valley. What do I do with it?
Answer: Take it to Big Goron on top of Death Mountain.

Question: In the market, at night: the treasure chest game, is there a pattern to where the keys are hidden?
Answer: If you have the Lens of Truth, you can see right through the chests.

Question: Who do I give the scary mask to?
Answer: Give it to the little kid in the graveyard as young Link at night.

Question: Where and how do I learn the Sun Song?
Answer: In the graveyard as a kid, in the Royal Families tomb. Read the walk-through.

Question: The guy in the windmill tells me (as an adult) that is is p.o.'ed at "the kid from seven years ago with the ocarina", what have I done and how can I make him happy so I can learn the song of storms?
Answer: Take out your ocarina and he will tell you the Song of Storms.

Question: How do you get into the sealed thing at the bottom of the well?
Answer: Learn the Song of Storms at the windmill, then travel back in time. Play the Song of Storms in the windmill as little Link.

Question: I am stuck in adult Links underwater temple, I met the Zora Princess and now, I am stuck, I cannot figure out what to do next, any help?
Answer: Float to the top of the room and play the Song of Time near the Triforce on the wall.

Question: Where do you find the fire arrows?
Answer: Beat the Water Temple, and go onto the island with the engraving in Lake Hylia. Now fire an arrow at the rising sun at sunrise.

Question: How do you get in the Fire temple??
Answer: Throw a bomb in front of the rolling Goron.