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Bottle Locations for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS, Wii, and N64

Bottle Locations

First Bottle: Go to Lon Lon Ranch as young Link during the day. Now go inside the house and play Talon's cucco game. If you get the three chickens in the amount of time, you get a bottle with Lon Lon milk in it. After you drink the milk, you have an empty bottle.

Second Bottle: Get all of the chickens in to the pen for the chicken lady. One of them is located in a crate. Two of them can only be reached by using a chicken to float to them.

Third Bottle: After you visit Zora's Domain and get the Silver Scale, go to Lake Hylia and get the bottle with the note in it. After you give it to King Zora, you will have an empty bottle.

Fourth Bottle: As adult Link, ride Epona around until you find Big Poes (ghosts). You can only find the Big Poes while riding Epona. After you take each Poe to the guy that buys the Poes from you, he will give you a bottle.