Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
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Golden Skulltulas for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS, Wii, and N64


This list contains only Golden Skulltula's found outside of dungeons. The rest can be found in Dungeons. You can tell if you got all the Gold Skulltulas in a dungeons, because there will be an icon next to the name of the dungeon in the map subscreen.

* = Young Link
** = Older Link
*** = Doesn't matter if you are old or young.
+ = You can get it at night.

- Kokiri Forest
You can find one behind the Know-it-All Brothers' house. * +
One is behind the House of Twins. ** +
If you plant a bottle of bugs into a bean hole, it will sprout a
Skulltula. *

- Hyrule Field
One is near the gate to Hyrule Castle. ***
Another one is hidden in the circle of stones near the Gerudo Valley
entrance. ***

- Hyrule Castle
There is one in a crate inside the Guard House at the market entrance. *
Play the Song of Storms near the castle entrance. *
There is a Skulltula in a tree at the entrance of the castle. *
After you fall to Ganondorf, you can find one behind a brick arch. **

- Lon Lon Ranch
One is in a tree at the ranch's gate. *
You can find one behind the corral shed. * +
There is one on the outer wall of the ranch, northwest of the shed. * +
A Skulltula is at the second story window of Talon's house. * +

- Kakariko Village
One is hanging in a tree near the village entrance. * +
Another one is behind the House of Skulltula. * +
At the building under construction, there is one hiding under a pile of
bricks. * +
There is one in the graveyard that keeps a boy awake. * +
Another one is nested at the top of the Kakariko lookout tower. * +
A Skulltula is at the roof of Impa's house. ** +

- Lost Woods
A bean hold near the Skull Kid released a Gold Skulltula. *
The bean sprout leads up to a magic platform that has a Skulltula. ** +
Another bean hole near the shortcut to Zora's Domain has a Skulltula. *

- Death Mountain
The first cave on the right houses a Gold Skulltula. ***
A small nook above the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern has one. ** +
After you pass the last of the falling rocks thee is a Skulltula. ** +
There is one in a bean hole in front of Dodongo's Cavern that has one. *

- Goron City
There is one hiding in a crate in the top level of Goron City. *
The central platform has a Skulltula under it. ** +

- Zora's River
The shade of the ladder has one. * +
There is one in the tree near the mouth of the river. *
Near the middle of the river there is a Skulltula along the valley wall.
** +
There is a Skulltula that goes across a wall right before the entrance
to Zora's Domain. ** +

- Zora's Domain
When the waterfall is frozen, there is a Skulltula. ** +

- Zora's Fountain
A tree in the southeast corner of Zora's Fountain has a Skulltula. *
There is another one just to the right of the fallen log. * +
A secret grotto near the Great Fairy's Fountain has one. ** +

- Lake Hylia
The island that releases the power of the Fire Arrow also has a
Skulltula. * +
There is another one residing in a crate at the bottom of the Lakeside
Laboratory's poll. **
Another one is behind the Lakeside Laboratory. * +
A dead tree atop the Water Temple's mount has a Skulltula. ** +
A bean hole near the laboratory has one. Deposit some bottled bugs. *

- Graveyard
There is one along the outer wall of the Graveyard. * +
There is another one in a bean hole. *

- Sacred Forest Meadow
There is one on the east of the stairs. ** +

- Gerudo Valley
The log bridge points to a Skulltula along the dirt wall. * +
A Skulltula keeps the carpenters awake at night. ** +
Another Skulltula is under the stone arch. ** +
The bean hole has a Skulltula. *

- Gerudo Fortress
There is one high above the eastern wall of the fortress. ** +
When riding on the Horseback Archery Range you will see one behind the
northern target pole. ** +

- Haunted Wasteland
The stone structure where you discover the phantom guide has a
Skulltula. **

- Desert Colossus
Before the rains you will hear one in the nearby palm trees. ** +
The magic bean platform will reveal another Skulltula. ** +
Drop a few bugs into the bean hole for another Skulltula. *

* = Young Link
** = Older Link
*** = Doesn't matter if you are old or young.
+ = You can get it at night.