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Heart Piece Locations for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS, Wii, and N64

Heart Piece Locations

The first 5 you have to plant beans when you are young and come back when old. You can get beans at Zora's River.
1. Dodongo's Cavern - plant magic bean
2. Kakario Graveyard- Upper left-hand side - plant magic bean
3.Death Mountain Crater - plant magic bean
4.Lake Hylia- by the lab - plant magic bean
5. Spirit Temple - plant magic bean
6. Lon Lon Ranch- In the shed move the crates
7. Lon Lon Ranch- Bomb the tree at the north side of the ranch.
8. Hyrule Field- Throw a bomb into the big section of grass that's fenced in on the way to the Lake.
9. Kakariko Village- Have the owl bring you down from Death Mtn. and fall to the wooden awning.
10.Kakariko Village- Use your longshot to get on the purple roof and talk to the man there.
11. Kakariko Graveyard- When Dampe is digging during the night.
12. Kakariko Graveyard- Beat Dampe's spirit
13. Kakariko Graveyard- Go into the grave and play the Sun's song
14. Kakariko Windmill- After you race Dampe, play the song of time and get the blue stone.
15. House of Skulltula- 50 gold coins
16. Zora's River- Play the song of storms for the frogs.
17. Zora's River- Continue playing more songs for the frogs.
18. Zora's river- Glide with a chicken to the platform on the bank, climb the ladder and glide with the other chicken.
19. Zora's Domain-Take the first chicken to the entrance to Zora's domain and glide to get the piece.
20. Zora's Domain- light all of the torches, including the two behind the water fall.
21. Zora's Fountain- Go as an adult and pry the ice block away.
22. Zora's Fountain- Get the iron boots and tunic and submerge yourself.
23.Ice Cavern- Melt the red ice block with the blue flame.
24. Market- win the key game.
25. Market- keep winning the bombachu game.
26. Market- wait till night and get the woman's dog & take it to her.
27. Death Mtn. Crater- Go as an adult with the tunic & explore the walls.
28. Lake Hylia- Catch the biggest fish.
29. Lake Hylia-Get the Golden scales & dive into the well in the lab.
30. Goron City- Throw a bomb into the giant urn.
31. Gerudo Fortress- On the way, take a chicken & jump through the waterfall.
32. Gerudo Fortress- On the other side of the waterfall use the chicken & jump into the canyon.
33. Gerudo Fortress- Use your hookshot to get to the exposed roof chest.
34. Gerudo Fortress- While on Epona shoot the targets and collect 1000 pts.
35. Lost Woods- play the ocarina with the skull kid.
36. Lost Woods- play the ocarina with the two skull kids.