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Lake Hylia and FIshing Secrets for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

Lake Hylia Secrets

Lake Hylia:
  1. Talk to the scarecrow near the lake as a kid, then take your Ocarina out. He will tell you to play a tune or something, then he will say he never forgets. Come back as an adult and talk to him. Play the same song then you will learn the scarecrow's song.
  2. Talk to the Scarecrow farthest away from the lake. Play a song for him. This song will be heard after you beat the whole game, at the last screen. You will wait a while at the last screen, then it will play the song with different instruments.
  3. You can pull the grave on the island between the bridges.
  4. To open the Water Temple, use the iron boots and sink to the bottom. Then use the hookshot to hit the switch.
  5. For target practice, you can shoot the crows from long distances. It really helps!
  6. To get the fire arrows, you must defeat the water temple. Then, stand on the plaque right ontop of the Water Temple. Wait until sunrise, then shoot the sun. The fire arrows should appear on the island.

The Fishing Pond:

  1. To get the Sinking Lure: You must be a kid. Talk to the guy about the lure. Then go to the stream and run torwards the water and do a front flip. This is just one of the many ways that you can get it. It's location is random.
  2. There is a rumor of a Hylian Loach, a big eel. If you have a screenshot of this, send it in! If you have seen it, tell us how you saw it.
  3. You can get the guy's hat. Aim the Fishing rod at it and make it land on his hat. It will take the hat, and he will say 'Hey! What are you doing?'.